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Looking for the best school for your family?

From kindergarten to 12th grade, students spend approximately 17,000 hours in school. Add in extracurricular activities, and your child could easily be spending more time on campus than at home. Without a doubt, their learning community will shape who they become. That’s why choosing the right school is so important to you. It’s also why we’ve created this free 
e-book — to help you think through the big questions related to:

What will your students learn about truth? Is it important to you that they learn to think both critically and biblically across all subject areas?

Who will your students be influenced by? What qualities would you like to see in teachers, administrators, and even their fellow peers?

What resources will be available to your child as they prepare for the next steps of college and life beyond? Will they have the support needed to face challenges and reach their potential?

“I consider our investment in education at Hill Country may be the best investment we've ever made. Certainly in preparing them for college and work life after Hill Country, but more importantly in the development of their characters and the refining and nurturing of their walks with Christ."


Holly Loveday


Preschool - 12th grade

Download the e-book for more tips on deciding where your child will spend their 17,000 hours.

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12124 RR 620 North, Austin, Texas 78750
Phone: (512) 643-6724
Fax: (512) 257-4190

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